Company philosophy

We live in a vast world of pets, and at the same time we can dedicate this world to our furry children. This is the core concept of “pets are also family members”. Because of our deep love for our fur babies, we desire to bring them endless joy, absolute comfort and absolute safety. Based on this belief, we spare no effort to choose brands that consumers can fully trust and fur babies can use without reservation. We adhere to the concept of combining high quality with practicality and deliver our carefully selected first-class brands to you who love fur babies.

Bright ways for pets to play!

Our paws-on interactive toys and training tools unlock your pets’ curiosity and engage the entire family! After nearly 40 years designing award-winning toys that make learning fun for kids, We’re excited to bring learning to life for your furry family members.

Our Best Friends Deserve The Best Dog Shoes

RIFRUF dog shoes and apparel provide protection for your dog’s paws and fur. The slip-on design of our dog sneakers makes them easy to use, while offering a barrier against hazardous surfaces like hot pavement and sharp objects.

Endless Fun For your Furry Child

Jeff has loved animals since childhood. Derek’s design flair is passionate about creating world-class products. When they see a dog playing with a PAWTY Dog Toy, they immediately feel the dog’s joy and affection, which is one of their greatest sources of happiness.

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