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At RIFRUF®, we are committed to providing very well designed, top quality dog products for beloved pets.


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At RIFRUF®, we are committed to providing well-designed, top-quality dog ​​products for beloved pets. It all started with our pioneering CAESAR 1 dog sneakers, which brought a new era to dog shoes.

Today, RIFRUF® is the best choice in the field of DogleisureTM and provides your fur kid with a wide range of waterproof accessories, essential leads and harnesses to meet every need.
Rest assured, RIFRUF® will take care of your favorite pet from head to toe!

RIFRUF dog shoes and apparel provide protection for your dog’s paws and fur. The slip-on design of our dog sneakers makes them easy to use, while offering a barrier against hazardous surfaces like hot pavement and sharp objects.

The only Real Dog Sneaker. Made from the same materials as premium human sneakers, the patent pending Caesar 1 dog sneaker represents what we believe our pups deserve.

The only raincoat your dog will ever need. Perfect for rain or snow, and warm or cold seasons, this customizable year-round dog jacket is as functional as it is stylish.

The Commuter Harness and Leash Set optimizes convenience and versatility into daily commutes with your dog to ensure the smoothest walking experience ever.

High Quality Material

Our products are made from 100% animal cruelty-free, vegan materials.
If we wouldn't wear it, neither should our dogs.

Standart Quality Product

Our custom made last and strap provide a customizable and secure fit for your dog.

Our Promise

Our veterinarian-endorsed products are designed and tested with safety in mind as top priority for our dogs.

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First Model Launched

Check Out What Our RIFRUF Pack Is Saying, Our RIFRUF Pack love our products, but don’t take it from us! See how happy our customers are.

Michael B.


"Look at how cute my dog is!!!! The sizing is the same as theis sneakers which is good, and we will use this on every rainy or snowy day!"

Karla G.


"Not only they are so cute, they also fit her perfectly, thank you very much for your effort in making out little besties walk secure and comfortably! Best regards!"

Stephanie Y.

French bulldog

"Fits so wll! Wasn't sure how I'd feel about the harness as it is kind of heavy for Butters but it is super sturdy and cute, i think it'll last a long time compared to my other harnesses."

Connie R.


"Woof! My parents were looking for cool protective and pawsome sneakers for me for a long time. I'm glad they found this. Already looking for a new color! Nahla (Lima, Peru)"

Kelsey R.


"The option to use the leash either hand-held or over-the-shoulder is why i bought this, and am very pleased with the comfory and quality of it!"

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