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Fulfilling Dogs’ Needs for Quality and Fun PAWTY Dog Toys was formed when they realized there was a lack of high quality, uniquely designed dog toys on the market.

About PAWTY Dog Toys

A Journey of Friendship and Passion. PAWTY Dog Toys began with two childhood friends who had a deep love for animals.

Jeff has loved animals since childhood. Derek’s design flair is passionate about creating world-class products. When they see a dog playing with a PAWTY Dog Toy, they immediately feel the dog’s joy and affection, which is one of their greatest sources of happiness.

High Quality

For your pet’s happiness and comfort, we always provide your pet with the best quality toys.


Don’t worry about the pets you have, because we design toys that your pets will definitely like and are suitable for.

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Why Pawty Was Founded

To meet dogs’ needs for quality and happiness PAWTY Dog Toys was founded because they realized there was a lack of high-quality, uniquely designed dog toys in the market. Jeff and Derek wanted to make a change, fill that gap, and provide other dog owners with quality toys that their own dogs would want to play with.

PAWTY Dog Toys quickly rose to prominence as a brand committed to excellence. They believe every dog ​​should have toys that inspire the mind, stimulate the senses and bring endless joy to life.

Love & Treat Your Pets

Playing with your pet using toys can strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. It’s a fun way to spend quality time together and build a positive relationship.

We believe every dog ​​deserves a toy that inspires the mind, stimulates the senses, and brings endless joy to life. Ultimately, pet toys can enhance the overall well-being of your pet by providing physical and mental stimulation, promoting positive behaviors, and strengthening the bond between you and your furry companion.

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